Monday, 6 October 2014

The End Times FAQ which the motivations behind, and the consequences of, the Return of Nagash are laid bare!

All your noobish questions answered!

Q.  Why weren't we warned this was going to happen?
A.  We were.  The real question is, "Why didn't we listen?"

Scalenex of Klodorex, Lustria-Online's resident Doomsayer has been urging us to 
Convert to Un-Life since January 2013.

Q.  Why did Arkhan the Black open the Nine Books of Nagash, thereby restoring their author to unholy life?

Q.  How good are these nine books?

Q.  Zombies once proudly served only one army.  What could compel them to shift allegiance during the End Times?

Q.  In the 8th Edition rulebook (page 249), Vlad von Carstein led his armies of the dead against the Empire.  Ultimately he was slain by the Grand Theogenist of Sigmar, Wilhelm the III.  Atop the walls of Altdorf, Wilhelm III wrestled bodily with the Vampire Lord, and both fell from the battlements onto the forest of defensive stakes below.

Did this pose any problem for Vlad's resurrection in the End Times?

Q.  Some see the End Times as an epoch of loss and despair.  Others see it as a time of opportunity.  Ultimately, who will profit most from this turbulent era?
A. The Lords of the Citadel.

Q.  After two millennia in the shadow lands, does Nagash enjoy the same respect from his minions that he once commanded?
A. Not really.

Q.  How do the denizens of the Warhammer world celebrate Halloween?
A. With Caution.

Q.  I am a dwarf general.  I cracked open my treasury to purchase "The End Times - Nagash" rule book.  When I opened it, I discovered there was NOTHING in it for me.  What do the Lords of Citadel say about that?????

Q.  Did Nagash keep his promise and reunite Vlad von Carstein with his wife, Isabella, in the lands of the living?
A.  Sort of.

Q.  Nagash has faced down many different enemies including Tomb Kings, Bretonnians, Daemons and even Skaven.  Is there anyone else he should look out for?

Q.  OK, if the New World savages mark the day named "Thanksgiving", what occasion is celebrated by the cruel vampires of the Old World?

Two Questions with one answer this week.  
Q.  Hey Bob, why are you spending so much time in the "Nagash" portion of the End Times?

Q.  I've only seen a few of the  characters from "Nagash" and "Glottkin".  Are all of the others so butt-ugly?



  1. Here's the really awkward part. Vampire Counts armybook page 13 " The two fell together, locked in an embrace o fdeath. First, Vlad was impaled on a wooden spike at the wall's foot, and then Wilhelm landed on top, driving the count still further on."

    Some cruel person reinserted the stake, perhaps Nagash

    1. I've never liked you, Stinky.

      For you I shall sharpen the stake at both ends in future.

  2. "Khaine" will be even more difficult to finish. Despite the chilly climate in Naggoroth and Ulthuan, and the lack of armor, Morathi and cronies seem to prefer to travel and fight half-naked.

    GW is that enlightened.