Saturday, 27 September 2014

The False Moon War: Epilogue

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Somewhere else entirely, King Balance and Queen Bias were amicably sharing a pot of tea.  The king had eventually shaken off his bonds, as he always did.

"You intervened," declared the Queen.


"You intervened.  The Chaos Moon is in a perfect orbit.  The warring forces are perfectly balanced.  Only you could have done that."

"Yes, dear.  Pass the sugar, if you would be so kind."

Queen Bias passed the sugar and a silver teaspoon.  The spoon rattled against the china teacup.

"You know the war will spread to other worlds, don't you?  They will all still be fighting 40,000 years hence."

King Balance shrugged as the spoon clinked gently onto the saucer.  "I suppose so.  Would you like a scone?"

The Queen sighed.

"With jam and cream, please."


  1. I read the whole False Moon War last weekend and now I just feel like I have to thank you for all the fun I had while reading it! There were lots of creative licenses in it when it came to the lore and fluff but ow, who cares? It was all the more fun that way! Having all of my favorite Warhammer races in it was also wonderful! 

    Now I'm really hoping we'll see more of these characters in the future! I mean, you titled it 'Novel 1 in the index, after all!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Elmatpe.

    As a rule I didn't take liberties with the lore and fluff unless it got in my way :) Having said that, I often opted for stuff that made more sense to me (for instance, I lump greenskins and skaven into the neutral category, and ogres as true neutrals would not serve chaos god despite their obvious degradation (?) with the coming of chaos etc.)

    The next instalment is a full length trilogy explaining how the Spawning of Bob won the great War Against Chaos. I hope to release before Christmas.

    In the meantime, please enjoy the End Times. I fear they won't be your last.