Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spawning of Bob - Wisdom of the Old Ones - Weapon Special Rules

This is the first of a planned series of guides to help the novice Lizardmen player negotiate their way through the perilous maze which is the Warhammer rulebook.

Weapon Special Rules

First Rule is, of course, to take some weapons,

ensure they are in good repair,

and ensure you know how to use them effectively.

Some weapons have a purely defensive function,

while others can be selected to exploit weaknesses  in an opposing force.

Many weapons are subject to restrictions of which units can use them,

which units should not be allowed to use them,

and of course which units would equip particular weapons purely as a matter of style or preference.  For example, the antipodean saurus warriors of Australustria eschew the use of the spear as a close combat weapon,

whilst the Australustrian skink skirmishers use their own subtle flavour to enhance the cuisine of “get them before they get you”.

Spawning of Bob hopes that this guide has been useful and informative.  Of course, the 8th Edition Warhammer Rulebook is the definitive reference on all things related to weapon rules.  

Remember, the BRB is authoritative and infallible.

Most of the time.

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