Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spawning of Bob - The Gods of Olympus

The magnificent Legions of Lustria must again sally forth, this time into the frozen wastes of the north.

It is easy to be intimidated by the prospect of contention with troops who are accustomed to the icy conditions.

Ice Dance - Nurgill and Deentch

However, the usual requirements of detailed planning and meticulous preparation hold just as true for this campaign as any other.

Training specificity is essential.  It may be hard to precisely emulate the challenges that will be faced in the Chaos Wastes.  Sometimes, improvisation with what you have available must suffice.



Time should also be taken to acclimatize to the expected conditions.

In this, as for any campaign, choice of protective clothing and equipment can place your lineup in a position of advantage, or disadvantage.  Consider your options carefully.


Of course, some of our champions will take to the challenges ahead as if they were spawned for them...

Figure Skating - Maunto flawlessly performs the compulsory "Double Axolotl"

Ski Jump - Oldladdin hits it out of the park!

... and often a delicate touch will separate the victors from the shamed.

Curling - Chameleon Skinks

It may be tempting to apply a magical 'buff' to pander to our squad's strengths, but other races have differing views about what constitutes 'fair' play.

Speed Skating

You mustn't forget that your opponents have their own niches and areas of strength.  Sometimes it is best just to leave them to their token victory.

The Skeleton - Usually dominated by Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts.
Lustria's only medal contender is Scalenex of Malodorex.

Biathlon - The runes of accuracy really make up for those stumpy little legs.

At times it is better to sacrifice a small unit of "chaff" to delay or redirect an overwhelmingly powerful opposition unit.

Ice Hockey

What will be the outcome of the contest to come?

Only the Old Ones know, but of course, the valiant Legions of Lustria will strive in the spirit of the true Olympians!

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