Tuesday, 29 July 2014

History's Least Successful Skaven Invasions

The dreaded Under Empire has long terrorized the surface dwellers of the Warhammer World with seeming impunity.  Many consider the Grey Tide to be unstoppable, but the truth is that for every famous victory, the Skaven Horde suffers several ignominious defeats.  Their primary tactic of appearing from tunnels without warning can, at times, be a weakness.


Quetza, Lustria C 100

Xahutec, Lustria C 1634

Los'tmabo'tl, Lustria C 435

Karak Hirn, Black Mountains C 2521

Mountains of Mourn C 2523

Geonosis BBY 29

Jerusalem AD 33

Mordor TA 3019

Yavin BBY 0

The Realm of Chaos (time has no meaning here)

Alaskalustria Before 6am

Nehekhara C -1151

Isle of Man AD 2013

Italy AD 1350

Davy Jones's Locker AD 1723

Minecraft - All day long at Bob's place

Fukushima AD 2011

Anywhere in Australustria AD 2010 -

Alaskalustria 6:02 am

Misty Mountains  TA 2941

World's Edge Mountains  C -1543

Helm's Deep  TA 3019

Philadelphia  AD 1978

Realm of Chaos  - Thursday Nights

Helm's Deep  TA 3019

North Atlantic Ocean  AD 1912

ADSF 2,3  and 6

Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  AD 1992

Temple City Malodorex  C 1412

Lustria Online AD 2013

Lustria Online  AD 2013

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